Providing fire protection to structural steelwork is crucial. By protecting the structural frame of a building from fire, it allows more time for evacuation and limits the damage to the building.

We fit the following generic products and systems which prevent the temperature of steel rising to a critical level, all supported and documented by thickness checks and certification in accordance with Firas installer schemes.


We supply and apply thin film intumescent coatings from most major manufacturers and offer decorative finishes between 30-120 minutes fire protection. All our applications are followed up with in-house Quality Assurance inspections and Dry Film Thickness (DFT) checks completed in accordance with industry standards and our FIRAS third party accreditation requirements.

We apply both solvent and water based paints, with water based paints being our first option where possible to limit the release of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to control our impact on the environment.


We supply and apply cementitious and gypsum vermiculite sprays to provide up to 240 minutes fire protection to structural steel and concrete frames/slabs.

We are approved applicators of Promat products, an industry leader in passive fire protection. We also own and maintain the latest spray pumps both electric and diesel powered to facilitate projects of all size.

Our excellent technical knowledge combined with years of experience in spray applications enables us to calculate thickness requirements to upgrade various existing slab constructions to improve fire resistance.


Although fibre spray is no longer a commonly used material in new builds, there are often requirements to repair and/or maintain existing installations/applications. We are one of the few companies with the capability and spray equipment to carry out this work.

We are approved applicators of Promat fibre sprays and often hold these products in stock avoiding long lead in times for repairs.


Board is commonly used where intumescent paint is not suitable or cost effective. Our knowledge of available boards allows us to propose the most suitable and cost efficient specification, from an extensive range of products, to suit each project.

We install a full range of boards from all the leading manufacturers including Promat, British Gypsum, Rockwool and Knauf.

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